Sep 16

Yogurt For BV Treatment: Non-Sweet Recipes

I used to be so prone to BV infections, I’d get them every few months or so. However, now I have learned to use yogurt for BV treatment and other amazing BV home remedies! Now, I never get BV anymore! One of the secrets to using yogurt to treat BV is use yogurt without any …

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Sep 13

The Risks of Untreated BV

All women should be aware that there are several potential risks to untreated BV. In fact, it can actually be dangerous if the problem is ignored. The following is a discussion of some of the most significant risks associated with untreated BV. The Risk of Unsafe Sex Is Multiplied If You Have BV Several studies …

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Sep 10

How To Restore Vaginal pH Naturally

To learn how to restore vaginal pH naturally, we need to first cover some basics and then explore some food options. Let’s pretend we’re back in high school health class and you’re given a multiple choice test. Here are the questions (the correct answers are at the end but NO PEEKING until after you’ve taken …

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Sep 07

How To Get Rid of BV For Good

I always feel so sorry for women who seem to have ongoing BV issues for years and years at a time. BV may be considered a chronic disease but it can really wear you down and take its toll on you if you continue to have it. It can also cause serious complications if you …

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Sep 04

Kali Bichromicum: Homeopathic BV Treatment

Homeopathic treatments always seem to be shrouded in a cloak of mystique and homeopathic BV treatment is no exception to this. While some people consider homeopathic BV medicine to be nothing more than hocus pocus nonsense, if you start really digging deep into the individual active ingredients on homeopathic BV treatment packages, it starts to …

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Sep 01

Does Garlic Cure BV

We’ve all heard that garlic has amazing health benefits but does garlic cure BV? There are so many different ways to answer this question but the bottom line is that eating garlic, especially organic raw garlic, can really help if you are a woman who keeps getting BV. The word “cure” is such a tricky …

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